Father Balder
Father Balder is the main antagonist of Bayonetta and father of the titular protagonist as well as the CEO of the Ithavoll Corporation.


Balder was one of the main Lumen Sages that started the attack on the Umbra Witches (representatives of Darkness), but differently from them, he, as the Right Eye of the World, had other plans. He secretly got one of the Witches pregnant with the soon-to-be Left Eye of the World, planned to be used in the rebirth of Jubileus. Years later, after the massive slay of the Lumen Sages, Balder became the CEO of the Ithavoll Corporation, located in Isla Del Sol. He first "appears" as a voice that constantly calls Bayonetta as his "dear, sweet child", especially after she meets a little girl called Cereza, and fights her old rival, Jeanne. After finally reaching Balder, she finally learns he is her father, and that Cereza is her own past self, brought in by Balder to recover Bayonetta's memories of being the Left Eye, making her achieve his goal. However, the witch is not pleased with this conclusion and tries to attack him, but fails. Balder fuses Cereza into himself and fights Bayonetta while both fall from the Ithavoll Building, but Bayonetta manages to shoot Balder in his forehead with her lipstick, apparently killing him. However, Balder survives the shot and kidnapps Bayonetta, trapping her to the God statue's left eye, while he takes his place in the right eye, launching the statue into space. However, Jeanne follows them and frees Bayonetta from her prison. The statue loses control and Balder is left helpless, as he is literally crushed by the statue "in the blink of an eye".

Bayonetta: Bloody FateEdit

Commander huge conglomerate of "Ithavoll Group". Vigrid is a sacred place of Laguna today By great wealth that Ithavoll group produces, the economy is made ​​up, Balder is a leader but has become the object of worship of the people of Vigrid, He was never to show to receive their public until now.

His role in the the movie is similar to the game with the exception that Balder's attitude towards the Resurrection of Jubileus has more fanatical edge to it and he does not get absorbed by Jubileus, he controls her.